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Placemaking Stream - Delegate only

Asset management of MMC homes: designing out defects to maintain quality for our tenants

Wed 26-Jun-201914:00 - 15:00
Placemaking Stream - Delegate only
Beckie Joyce
David Cowans
Places for People
Katie Saunders
Trowers & Hamlins
Dave Sheridan
ilke Homes
Sponsored byGL Hearn


The rise of MMC creates a number of benefits in the pre-construction and build phase of a development. The potential for speed in design and delivery as well as consistent quality standards through precision engineering mean the up front benefits of MMC are well understood. As MMC becomes mainstreamed into delivery how can the sector provide assurance that those initial benefits will feed through into the long term asset management of the homes we build. Do MMC homes provide different challenges to asset management teams within RPs and LAs?


The promise of low/zero defects has also been introduced by some MMC providers, how realistic is this when compared to other manufacturing industries. When compared to traditional build is there enough data yet to prove that MMC homes have lower defects and how can we ensure that there is enough oversight of upfront design stage to ensure that design defects (as opposed to finishing defects) are zero.

David Cowans, Places for People

Paul Cribbens, NHBC

Katie Saunders, Trowers and Hamlins

Placemaking Stream

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