Delegate of the Future

Delegate of the future

Delegate of the Future

Supported by Willmott Dixon


Good quality housing is critical to the nation’s wellbeing. So having the right people at the helm is vital. But at a time of growing social inequality, environmental crisis and squeezed public sector finances, the skills that those in the housing sector will need are changing. At Willmott Dixon, we understand the challenge! The wider construction industry is facing its own significant skills gap and we often find ourselves competing for talent with other sectors. What we are looking for in our future leaders are values and we need people who have:

  • The ability to challenge the way we’ve always done things
  • The ability to work in partnership and collaboratively with other organisations
  • Empathy and understanding of our residents and our customers, and
  • The technical skills and knowledge to understand and utilise the latest technologies

We think this is a winning formula. That’s why we are proud to support the ‘Delegate of the Future’ campaign.



The Delegate of the Future experience gives up-and-coming housing people their first taste of what Housing is like; an invaluable learning experience that sends you away from the conference wanting to change the world as soon as you get back to work!

Curated content for Delegates of the Future at Housing 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned conference goer, or a complete newbie, walking into the exhibition space at CIH Housing for the first time can be a bit mind-blowing. There’s so much to see, hear and do. So many new people to meet, discussions to have, things to learn and inspiration to gain. That’s without even thinking about where you can get a cheeky free cup of tea!


This year, CIH Futures have teamed up with CIH and Ocean Media to make the DOTF experience bigger and better than ever:

  • A new online platform to take the work out of networking
  • Introducing The Social on Wednesday night with our friends from Capsticks and some choice words from the excellent Alison Inman
  • A streamlined programme of curated content from the main conference programme plus DOTF spotlight sessions

To all you CEOs and directors with colleagues that you want to develop and inspire, get them registered! Give them a chance to lift up from the day job and think outside the box and we guarantee they’ll come back to work buzzing with ideas.


If you work in housing, this is a perfect opportunity for some CPD, and the best chance you’ll have this year to immerse yourself in sessions about all the hot topics, and hear from brilliant people who are passionate about what they do – people just like you!


We can’t wait to meet you.


CIH Futures

Wednesday 26 June - Futures social

18:30 Doors open


19:00 Welcome from CIH Futures


19:15 Storytime with the Boss - Alison Inman


Thursday 27 June - Housing 2019

Option 1


09:00 Futures welcome and breakfast (The Fringe)


09:30 QUESTION TIME: Future leaders (Keynote)


10:00 Futures50 #NotALandlord: Ending sex for rent (The Fringe)


11:00 Professionalising housing management (Housing management)


12:00 Homelessness reduction act: 1 year on (Masterclass)


14:00 Closing address from CIH president (Keynote)


14:30 Speed networking and drinks reception (The Fringe)


15:00 Into the Fishbowl (TECH main theatre)


15:45 Futures Farewell from Jim Strang, president, CIH


Full programme here











Option 2


09:30 Futures50: Life in enforcement (The Fringe)


09:45 Managing technology transformation programmes (TECH main theatre)


11:00 Supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace (The Fringe)


11:30 Can technology improve risk management and building safety? (TECH main theatre)


13:00 Ed Miliband on the changing politics of social housing (Masterclass)


14:00 Q&A with Ed Miliband (The Fringe)











Option 3


09:30 Case studies of great tenant engagement (Housing management)