Q & A with BoKlok

Q & A with BoKlok

The key factors to the success and sustainability of the future housing market are more housing choice, improved quality and increased efficiency. Modern methods of construction can deliver on all of these, which is why investments in offsite solutions have increased significantly.


Over three days 8000 attendees will be invited to the MMC stage at Housing 2019 for networking workshops over breakfast and lunch, seminars with the leading voices, masterclasses to brief you fully before you embark on your MMC development and exemplar case studies showing you the many benefits of wider adoption.


Henrik Johnnson will be speaking on the MMC Stage alongside other MMC experts on the future of the housing sector.


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1. What is the BoKlok concept?


BoKlok is a residential housing concept providing sustainable, quality and low-cost home ownership.

BoKlok is developed and jointly owned by construction company Skanska and home furnishing company IKEA.


It currently operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The BoKlok homes are built using a smart, industrialised and efficient process that produces high-quality, environmentally sensitive housing at a low price.


2. Why are you expanding to the UK market?


We see a good market potential for the BoKlok concept in the UK.

We will be able to contribute with a hands-on solution to one of UK’s critical societal challenges, to secure quality homes accessible for all.


BoKlok homes are completed off-site in a safe and dry environment using a smart and industrialised process.


This enables high quality, and low and predictable costs. BoKlok has nothing to do with “flat-packs”; it is about completed quality homes manufactured off-site.


3. Will BoKlok have the certifications required for the UK market?


Yes, BoKlok will be certified in accordance with BOPAS and NHBC.


4. What are your tips for organisations who are starting on their journey to supporting employee mental health?


By having mental health initiatives, you will create a safe environment for colleagues to feel comfortable enough to reach their full potential.


Your staff won’t feel they have to mask stress-related illnesses or absences for fear of retribution. Knowing the source of a problem allows organisations to implement the right support mechanisms, leading to lower long-term stress-related absences.


Recruit voluntary mental health champions in as many of your offices or divisional areas as possible, so colleagues know there is always someone to talk to when they need assistance. More incentives available to support mental health will likely lead to fewer staff taking time off due to related conditions.


5. What about the quality?


BoKlok use high quality materials and build with well-proven methods. Because we build in a factory in a controlled environment, we can ensure consistent and high quality.

BoKlok buy’s material in large quantities and therefore benefit from economies of scale.


We build all our homes in wood. Wood is the most sustainable building material. It has the lowest carbon emissions compared to other building materials.

BoKlok homes are completed off-site in a safe and dry environment using a smart and industrialised process. This means that we can reduce waste and energy usage in the factory.

We also put a lot of effort into creating sustainable, safe and attractive communities. We will of course have sprinklers and meet all fire regulation standards.


In Sweden, our calculations show that a BoKlok multifamily house generate half the carbon emissions compared to the average of a newly produced multi-family house

We will use the same means of production for the UK market and hence it is a reasonable to think that the result would be the same in the UK. Transportation of the modules is a very small part of the total emissions.


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