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Beyond sticky plasters and painkillers: Curing the headaches of communal heat in housing

Thu 28-Jun-2018 13:50 - 14:20
Will   Routh Will RouthHead of sustainabilitySouthern Housing Group
Rachael   Mills Rachael MillsProject manager sustainabilitySouthern Housing Group

Session description:

Communal heat can be a real headache. Asset managers, housing staff, finance teams – have all had complaints about overheating, metering and billing problems, supply failure or debts across our desks. But what can we do about it? How can they stop firefighting and start to take a strategic approach to communal heat.


There are nearly 500,000 customer connected to heat networks in the UK. Many of them are managed by housing providers and there are thousands more coming on stream. However, many of them are not delivering on their potential to provide affordable heating and hot water for customers. And for housing providers they can often seem expensive to run, time consuming and their sheer complexity means taking that first step can be daunting. With increasing regulation and even more regulation on the horizon, now is the time to start tackling heat networks so that they deliver good value and service for both landlords and customers.


Will Routh and Rachael Mills at Southern Housing Group have been tackling heat networks head on and has taken a strategic approach to their portfolio that has created a clear way forward in identifying :


- What the real crunch points are for communal heating in social housing

- What the drivers are for Southern Housing Group to tackle the problem

- How they’re rising to the communal heat challenge by working with colleagues across the organisation

- What things still need fixing and what SHG plans to do next

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