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Virtual Housing Festival Innovation Hub

Relive practical case studies, insightful debates and ’how-to’ guides, this is your round-up of the latest housing innovations. Led by the best of the sector’s supply chain, stay up-to-date with solutions that could help you deliver better quality homes and more efficient services to your residents.

#ShiftHappens - How to accelerate channel shift in housing

#ShiftHappens - How to accelerate channel shift in housing

We’ve seen an incredible surge in channel shift and digital transformation over the last few months and housing associations have shifted more tenants online than ever before. But not everyone’s ready for channel shift – both tenants and staff are facing new challenges. To help you overcome these hurdles and build on this momentum, we’re going to be talking about how to accelerate channel shift and turn your tenants into digital advocates, showcasing channel shift in action with real examples from outside the sector.


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Will mobile solutions revolutionise the way Housing Associations work?

Resco looks at whether mobile solutions can be used for any process managed from the desktop and the effect more extensive remote working will have on individual productivity and the office work need. The panel will include Housing Associations sharing their experience of implementing innovative mobile solutions and technology leaders Resco and RedkiteCRM, both giving their views on the technical and security challenges involved in any mobile strategy.


Innovative retrofit measures ā€“ Designing cost effective solutions to achieving EPC ā€˜Cā€™ by 2030

How can good practice and innovative technologies can help achieve EPC targets and create a more sustainable housing sector? The Guinness Partnership discusses their experience in using ground-breaking Digital Twin technology and robotic underfloor insulation to design and implement cost effective retrofit measures across their stock. The expert panel will use case studies to assess the impact of these new technologies and how they can be deployed at large scale to maximise benefits for housing providers and their residents.


NetZero Collective: Working together to meet the challenge of decarbonising UK homes.

If we started today, we’d need to replace 3,200 gas boilers a day with zero carbon heating to meet the Government’s target of net zero by 2050. It’s a massive challenge, but by working together to innovate and develop solutions – we can do it. Join the NetZero Collective members in this interactive seminar, to learn more about the research and development being undertaken by the University of Southampton and landlords across the country, the size of the challenge, the need for costed, trusted and packaged solutions, and how through green investment we can support jobs and the local economy.


Room to improve: innovation in home adaptations

Design for Dignity: A new vision for the creation of more inclusive and desirable age-friendly homes. This session explores the delivery of a more strategic, preventative, and inclusive approach to home adaptations, and how this could lead to a whole range of social and business benefits.


Building Risk Assessment, Communal Action, and Hazard Works: Three powerful apps for all your housing needs

PowerObjects’ customer, L&Q will share detail on three powerful applications that took less than 8 weeks to deploy in their business. Those quick-to-configure, immediate-value tools have made a major difference in managing building risk assessment, communal action and hazard works across their 97,000 homes and 250,000 customers over the past few months. Watch this session to view these apps in action, learn more about the Common Data Service(CDS) model that is Microsoft Business Applications, as well as how L&Q plans to extend functionality in this powerful platform even more.


Actionable customer engagement using mobile housing app

Supporting front line staff through mobile technology while out in the community not only increases efficiency but improves customer engagement. Find out how Orchard are working with Gentoo Group to successfully roll our new mobile housing app.


One-way communication with tenants is no longer enough

One-way communication with tenants is no longer enough - it is about interactive engagement! The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on how the social housing sector, like many others, listens to and supports those who need it most. Watch this session to find out how voice, digital and data platforms are converging to enrich the relationship between housing providers and tenants by broadening the choice of communication channels.


Changing the NIMBY mindset

Genuine community involvement is vital to create homes that people want and need. During this session you can explore best practice community involvement in housing development. Gary Hartin from The Nationwide Foundation is joined by community involvement experts to share their experiences of the strength of communities coming together.


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Your Voice: The time for new ideas on corporate governance

Martin Hilditch, Editor, Inside Housing
Alison Wilkinson, Group Customer Development Manager
Jacqui McKinlay, Chief Executive of the Centre for Public Scrutiny
Terrie Alafat, independent Chair of Mears' customer scrutiny board


The importance of collaborative working and innovation in delivering affordable housing in a Post Covid Housing Sector

Ciaran O’Shea, Business Development Director, Mears Housing Management, Mears Group
Sian Davenport, Business Development Lead at Mears Group



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