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Think tankBack to Conference Programme 2018

Local authorities and housing associations unlocking access to NHS Land

Wed 27-Jun-2018 15:30 - 16:30
Charter 2
Hilary   Blackwell Hilary BlackwellTrowers & Hamlins
Kyle   Holling Kyle HollingPartnerTrowers & Hamlins
Ian   Burden Ian BurdenProperty transaction lead - capital and cashNHS Improvement
Maxine   Espley Maxine EspleyExecutive directorAccord
Kelly   Craig Kelly CraigSenior policy manager NHS surplus land programmeDepartment of Health and Social Care
Sponsored by
Trowers & Hamlins

Session description:

The UK government has set a national target for the NHS to provide land for 26,000 residential units by April 2020. This policy sits alongside other key NHS policy drivers for efficiency and service transformation arising from the Five Year Forward View and the more recent Carter and Naylor reports. It is clear that the NHS, local authorities, housing associations and the private sector will need to work together to achieve it. But what are the challenges not only to achieving these ambitious targets but also to ensure a better health and social care service is created as a result? This session will examine the issues from the NHS and the housing sides of the debate, considering:

  • The NHS perspective: policy drivers and organisational structures
  • Successful ventures between the NHS and housing, social services
  • Housing’s role in NHS targets and how to engage it

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